Friday, May 8, 2009

It's magazine renewal time!

It is time to renew quite a few of my knitting and craft magazine subscriptions. For some reason, they all come due about the same time--I must have signed up for everything in a flurry of enthusiasm one spring long ago. I subscribe to 14 craft related magazines, so I receive hundreds of magazines a year. In addition, there are a few I buy on the newstand because they are there; Simply Knitting and Knitting, both from the UK, and Marie Claire Idees (past issues of which you would have to pry from my cold, dead hands to get me to part with) come to mind.

I really get too many, and need to trim a few...the question is, which ones should go? I think a review of each is in order. I would like to cut my subscription rate in half, so I need to cut 7 from my list. Sadly, one of my favorites made this decision for me--Mary Engelbreit Home Companion ceased publication in January of this year.

I subscribe to magazines serving a variety of craft media--from knitting to scrapping, with a few general craft pubs thrown in for fun. I will review the most recent issue of each, and give each one a score. The top 7 scores stay, the rest get the boot. Should be fun!

First up, Creative Knitting!

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