Monday, April 26, 2010

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 1!

Theme of the day:
How and when did you begin knitting/crocheting? was it a skill passed down through generations of your family, or something you learned from Knitting For Dummies? What or who made you pick up the needles/hook for the first time?

I started crocheting as a child--my Grandma taught me. Everyone in my family holds the hook the same funny way--the same way Grandma did!  I grew up watching her and the other crafty folks in my family making things to give and share, and can't imagine living without handcrafted items.

My first design job was for a knitting manufacturer--designing sweaters. I didn't know how to handknit at all, my work was purely color and computer oriented. I taught myself to handknit from a book, but preferred crocheting for the longest time.

In 2004 I started knitting again, and re-learned from a book (I wish blogs and online videos had been around then, it would have been easier to learn. Being a little, (insert your favorite term for obsessed here), I had to start with a sock. We were driving to Disney World for vacation, so a pair of socks seemed to be a good take along project for the drive.

I found them today, and scanned one so you could see how well my "book learning" went. Hint: there is nothing wrong with your computer, the stitches are all skewed one way. I spent almost a year knitting every stitch through the back loop, as I did with these--hence the twisted stitches!

I finished one sock on the trip, and fell victim to Second Sock syndrome. I went on to several other projects, including on that had directions for "knit through the back loop", and figured out that I had been doing it wrong the whole time!

I did complete the second sock a year later, and knitted deliberately through the back loop so they would match. The socks are not technically perfect, but fit well, have worn like iron, and are very comfy. I have made many pairs of socks since these, but they remain my favorite, as they represent when I fell in love with knitting again...and how far I have come--from messing up the most basic stitch to designing my own patterns.


  1. The fact that your first project was a sock is great for the longest time I was freaked out about socks thinking they were too hard it was mostly the gusset part that made me not want to learn but once I did I wasn't half bad.

  2. I'm still scared of socks!!! I like your first attempt. Are you ever tempted to finish off the second one?