Sunday, April 25, 2010

Upcycled Chair

Don't throw it out--upcycle it!

I picked up my chair at a thrift shop for $2.00, because it was sturdy but ugly--and hey! 2 dollar chair!
Here it is in all of its thrifted glory!

 Old Chair (cost at thrift shop: 2.00)
 I combined it with an old chenille bedspread (from an auction), and the good half of an embroidered tablerunner (also thrifted).
Raspberry pink and just a few small holes--this was a great buy for $10,
and I will get a ton of fabric from this!

Want to make your own? Here's how I did it!

    • 1 12”x 36” embroidered table runner
    • 1 large raspberry chenille scrap, at least 24”x 24“
    • Acrylic craft paint in  Black and Ivory
    • 1 white or ivory votive candle
    • 1” foam paintbrush
    • 1” old scruffy paintbrush
    • medium sandpaper
    • rotary cutter, ruler, and mat, or ruler, fabric marker, and scissors
    • pencil
    • 18“x 18“ pre-made pillow form
    • sewing machine and accessories (this project can be done by hand, but it will be more time consuming)
    • iron and pressing surface
    • heavy duty staple gun and staples
    • hot glue gun and glue sticks or fabric glue
    • an old button

    Paint the chair

    1. Use the foam brush to paint the legs and back of the chair black. Let dry. (This is a distressed finish, so there is no need to sand or seal the chair before beginning.)
    2.  Rub the flat side of the candle all over the chair, focusing on the areas that would get the most natural wear. Rubbing the candle will leave a light coat of wax on the painted wood surface. The wax will create a resist for the top coat of paint. 
    3.  Use the scruffy brush to apply two coats of ivory, letting the chair dry between coats. Let the chair dry overnight, to give the paint a chance to “cure” completely before proceeding. 
    4.  Rub all surfaces of the chair with the medium grit sandpaper. The paint will come off easily where the wax resist was applied, allowing the base coat to show through.

    Make the cover:

    1. Put the pillow form on top of the chair.
    2. Cut a piece of chenille that is big enough to cover the chair seat with the pillow on top.
    3. Cut the table runner in half. Stitch one half to the raspberry chenille, lining up the cut edges, and centering the table runner on the chenille, like this:

    4. Press the chenille cover piece, to remove any wrinkles. Place the chenille cover on top of the pillow form. Starting at the back pull the chenille over the edge of the seat, and staple in place on the bottom of the chair. Starting from the center, work your way to each corner, pulling the fabric tight as you work. Repeat for the front, pulling the chenille firmly as you work, so the fabric will lay flat on top of the pillow form.

    Pull the chenille over one side of the chair, and staple in place on the bottom. Repeat for the other side.  If your chair has side supports, pull the chenille fabric around them, and staple in place on the bottom of the chair.

    Glue a gold and white button to the point of the table runner. Glue a round white button to each side of the table runner. Let cool before using.

    Note: This project uses a recycled chair with a 17”x17” seat. If your chair seat is a different size, you will need to use different amounts of chenille fabric, and a different sized pillow form. To custom fit your chair, measure the seat. Choose a pillow for that is the same size as, or slightly larger than your seat. Cut the chenille fabric large enough to wrap easily around the chair seat, and proceed as directed.

    Happy Crafting!

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    1. Great tutorial! The chair looks SO much better!