Friday, October 22, 2010

Acorns, Acorns ACORNS!

Acorns...we have 'em!

Apparently if you have a ginormous Oak tree in your yard, you get plenty of these:

 We have acorns everywhere. Three wheelbarrows full went into the compost bin and I used a bunch for crafts, including some Halloween decorations, but the ground is covered again!

I tried using some as weights or as filler in various projects, but the "nut" portion of the acorn breaks down and gets rotten. The cap is fine, though. I ended up making some cute felted acorns (the girls helped). You could pile a bunch of these in a bowl or basket, use them to accent gifts or use them for jewelry. If the kids hadn't helped put them together, I would have sprinkled them on the ground and let them discover the rainbow colored acorns on their own.

Quick, poor quality photo here for now, better pix and directions up tomorrow:

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