Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Craft Roundup .....13 days til Halloween!

 What is red and green and a perfect Halloween craft for the kid who has everything?

Exploding frog soap!

These are from Howard's Home on; and I must have some of them at once!


Because they explode into a gooey mess!

These would be perfect Halloween favors, or as a gift for a Harry Potter fan (it just seems like something Fred & George would have come up with for the shop). 

I am not giving away any secrets to say that these are made from handmade peppermint scented soap, and have a red bathbomb secreted away inside. Once the soap wears thin, out come the cherry scented "guts" for creepy bathtime fun!

These are available in various package sizes, so get one or get a bunch...friends who know me (and love handmade as much as I do) may find one of these guys in their stocking come Christmas time!

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