Thursday, January 20, 2011

Disney World Fanstasyland Expansion News: Double your Dumbo Fun!

Some good news on the Disney World Fantasyland expansion this week. If you've ever waited in line to ride Dumbo in the Magic Kingdom, you'll be happy with this news!

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When you think of Dumbo, do you think of cutie flying elephants, or do you think of 40 + minutes in the hot sun with a writhing toddler and hot, bored overheated big kids? Yeah, me too!

As part of the new Disney World Fantasyland Expansion, Dumbo is getting a twin...with any luck, this means the line will move more quickly. The other good news is that the new queue will be under a roof (good-bye sunburn) and packed with entertaining things to do in line (good-bye whining). 
I am glad to see these improvements are on the way, but that the beloved Dumbo experience will be left intact for the little ones to enjoy.

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