Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Crafts Round Up!

Everything I am working on for Valentine's Day is a little too "in progress" to share just yet, but I found these great tutes online and wanted to share! DO check out the blogs for directions other great ideas as well, these ladies are so talented!

First up, handmade Valentine's Day Lipgloss from Bubbly Nature Creations:
Can you believe the containers are from Target?! Cute!
Next, I love these super-cute Love Bugs from Taidye Originals! While this would be a fast and esy project if you already sew (an an addicting one as well), she has provided excellent directions with photos, just click the link and you'll be making your own Love Bugs in no time!
Bet you can't make just one!
While you have the fabric supplies handy, whip up some pretty Fabric Rosettes from AliLilly. She has a full tutorial on her blog, and you can use the finished rosettes as pins, embellishments or to add a special touch to a wrapped gift.
Whip up a bunch of cute rosettes for Valentine's Day.


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