Friday, March 11, 2011

FO Friday: A sweater and a disaster!

Yeah, the sleeve colors are not perfect--but I would have had to buy another ball of yarn to match them!
So this sweater, last seen on a WIP wednesday , is now complete. I did decide not to use buttons, the holes are not in a good spot for me--they are a little too low. I am using a shawl clasp instead. I am really happy with this, and think it will be a good sweater for spring. The yarn is Noro Taiyo, which is a cotton/silk blend, and the pattern is Knitty's Mr. Greenjeans, with a modification for gauge, as Taiyo is a little heavier than the yarn called for in the pattern.
FO math for this piece: Great Pattern + Great Yarn = Great Sweater!

On to the disaster! You may remember this piece from another WIP Wednesday:
Off to such a good start--anyone know a giant who needs a cowl?
The math from this one is a little different--it looks like this:

Great Pattern + Gorgeous Yarn + "Winging it" when changing the yarn gauge=Giant disaster cowl!

I used the awesome "Pretty Thing" pattern, which I have used successfully for two other cowls before and Artyarns Beaded Mohair Silk (which is absolutely luxurious to work with). The problem? the Artyarns is a sport or light worsted weight and the pattern calls for fingering/lace. So I just lopped off two pattern repeats from the width and got to knitting. The awful thing is, I know how to modify patterns correctly, I just didn't bother messing with the math. Mistake. huge, oversized, giant cowl of a mistake. I pulled this triumphantly off the needles, ready to wear something lovely--soft and sparkling....and realized how oversized it was. It looks terrible, and all the lace work is just squashed in on itself, even blocking didn't help.

So, choices now: 
  1. Leave it hidden in the project bag until I forget it exists (what I have been doing since Monday)
  2. Felt it to make it smaller--I know the mohair will felt, not sure how the other components will react
  3. Frog it--but it will take a while and may shred the mohair, it is very grabby.
  4. Find a cow or yak that needs a pretty cowl for spring, and gift it.
What do you think? Any other suggestions?


  1. Hi there! Stopping by from the Ravelry blog thread :) Your sweater is gorgeous! And the striping is .... utterly perfect and balanced on the front there. How did you do that?? That is just amazing.

    Poor cowl. If you know any little girls who love to play dress up, I bet they would adore something sparkly and pretty like that no matter what size it was.

  2. Love your math formulas. Winging it has gotten me into trouble once or twice as well. Is it possible to wear the cowl more like the longer infinity scarves where it just hangs down somewhat?