Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homemade Compost Bin -- Free!

We now have not one, but two homemade compost bins for the garden. They are both made of shipping pallets--the first ones were left out for trash in front of a local business --yay for recycling!
 The others were found a few weeks later, again, free. This time they were listed on, a site I adore for finding recycled and gently used items.

Here is the first bin, which was filled by Halloween and has been happily composting all winter. Remember all those acorns? They've been reduced to compost and are ready for the garden.
The cardboard on the side was deemed "not suitable" for composting by our in-house expert.
As with our homemade chicken brooder, I think it is an awesome idea, and Jeff did all the work. He used a hammer and nails to bang the four pallets together into a bin ( it doesn't have a bottom). It has wintered over perfectly, despite the all the snow we've had here.

Well, I will take credit for spotting the pallets and talking him into trash-picking them, something he up until then had refused to even consider. But the lure of a homemade compost bin --and hey, a free one at that--lured him in.

Bin #2 is about 10 feet from the first, and is made almost the same way, three sides are nailed together,  but the fourth is attached with hook-and-eye closures. This way it can be removed easily. I was eyeing this one for growing potatoes,  but we are filling it now with compostables (including the used litter from our new chickies) for next year.

Homemade compost bin 2 in progress.
The little seedlings we are caring for now are going to be well fed this spring! to figure out what to use for a homemade rain barrel!

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