Saturday, March 12, 2011

Look! A bunny!!

I have been looking for an angora bunny for awhile--they are harder to find than you would think! I want an angora for two reasons--as a pet and for the fiber. Finding one that is friendly and doesn't mind the daily grooming the breed requires took awhile, but today we are picking up Louie:
Isn't he handsome?
Louie comes to us from the Luv-n-Bunns rabbit rescue organization, and the ladies I have spoken with there have taken such great care of him and have been so careful in placing him. I am glad to adopt him--both for his cute little furry self, and to support such a great organization! If you are looking for a bunny, consider adopting one instead of buying one retail, you'll save a life and gain a wonderful companion.

But wait, there's more bunny to this tale!!

I really wanted a bonded pair--although the girls and I will give him plenty of attention, I wanted him to have a friend so he didn't get lonely. He is such a sweetie that he got a little bullied by the girls and boys they tried to pair him with, so we figured he would be a solo bunny.

 We found out this morning that he finally found a match--a baby girl bunny about 6 weeks old. So we are picking up not one, but two bunnies today! I don't know what she looks like (the only things I cared about were that she like Louie and enjoy LOTS of attention from the girls). Jeff only cares that they poo--a lot, for his compost bins! She'll take a little trip back to the rescue when she's bigger, so she can be spayed (Louie comes to us neutered, as much as I love bunnies, I don't want babies!!)

I am putting them in the inlaw suite with the chickies for a day or two to let them adapt to all of us. My dad referred to me as "Ellie Mae Clampett" the other day on the phone, thanks to all the critters we have....

I will post pictures when we get them home and settled!


  1. I was thinking when you said you were going to get a pair that you were going to have a lot of baby bunnies, but then I read about the neutering. I didn't know you could get a bunny neutured.

  2. OMGness how totally FLUFFY !!! I cant wait to see pics!!!