Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wishlist: Some Recent Favorites

Since my camera has disappeared into the nexus of the universe (complete with new pictures of our bunnies and the super fast growing chicks), I am going to share a few pieces from my wishlist instead! My "wishes" usually include stuff I want to make myself, but these are simply lovely things made by other artists, pulled from my (many pages long) list of etsy favorites:

Pretty! Purple! Want!!!
This gorgeous coat is from etsy seller Enlightened Platypus, who is not only incredibly talented, she is super nice as well. This piece is made from recycled sweaters and fabric and looks like it was designed for dramatic entrances. Love it!

One of my favorite pieces ever.
Ok, the awful thing about this piece? I want it, even though I already own this bit of red loveliness from the same seller!

This arrived beautifully packaged with a nice note from the seller. She used my measurements to make it and it fits perfectly

 If you want a stunning, eyecatching well made sweater check out her etsy'll need to get in line though, these pretties sell out within minutes of posting!

I also love the stylish and exotic jewelry from seller XOXODana. I tend to gravitate to sellers who are not only talented but also take great photos :) I really love this piece, it has an organic feel to it, with a great mix of metal, leather and glass.

This seller is also a sweetie, though I haven't met her in person--we are actually slightly related! She is the sister-in-law of my favorite sister-in-law (the one I made these cashmere gloves for).  Queue the theme from "It's a Small World"!

I am also totally loving this Loch Ness monster plush from Alexzcreations. For me. Not the kids. Mine. Not theirs. No touchie!
Adorable, love the hat!
This seller is the creative genius/owner of the SpookyPooky blog--I shared some of her super cute hand-drawn Valentines last month as well...That's February and March...makes me want to check and see what she comes up with for April!

I'll be back this week as soon as my camera re-appears from the wormhole--I did get a chance to snap a finished minion, the chicks first time outside and the start of our rather ambitious garden (2,000 square feet of veggie goodness!) Yep, that's thousand--so I will be begging people to take tomatoes off our hands in about two months!!

In the meantime, if you are in a Disney frame of mind, I am finishing up an exhaustive list of ride reviews for the Magic's a tough job, but someone has to do it!!


  1. Very pretty. Easy is so big that it's always good to get some recommendations.

  2. I know--Etsy is huge, so I love poking through other peoples favorites to find related items! I waste too much time doing that, though it is fun!

  3. That jacket would take lots of work.

  4. I know--I bet they take forever to make! She really put a lot of time into the one I bought from her, I can't imagine how long it must take from start to finish!! My serger would have a fit, I think!

  5. Aw, thanks for posting Nessie and promoting me!! <3