Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disney Star Tours Grand Opening

I was lucky enough to be invited to the media opening of Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios this past week. The special events folks outdid themselves with an amazing event! Not only was this a lot of fun, I got to ride the new Star Tours several times. If you are headed to Disney soon, I HIGHLY reccommend it!! New pieces on About.com are pending that go into detail about the ride and about Star Wars Weekends, but these are some of my personal photos I thought you'd enjoy.

We arrived and walked a "red carpet" to the Star Tours area. I am always amazed at all the secret exits and entrances in the disney parks!

R2 was a huge hit with everyone!

Darth Maul, grumpy but cool! And he can DANCE!

Adorable Ewoks were on hand to welcome us!

The food was outstanding and the presentation was cool. There were different cocktails at each station (which pregnant ladies like me could just admire, not try. The "Jedi Mind Trick" shown here was neon green and the one I saw being consumed most often.

One of about 15 food areas. I camped out at the shrimp one for awhile.

Jedi Mind Trick and other beverages.

Fun cake made by the Food Network. HUGE!

The Cantina band played a show

And other characters and music followed for a "Battle of the Bands".           
Thanks for reading! Up next, pictures and review of Star Tours...and the opening day ceremonies!

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