Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Have Eggs!

Look at these pretty things, courtesy of our own chickens! Remember how little they were?  They hatched March 6th, and we found our first eggs less than four months later:
We are averaging one egg per day right now.

 Since all the ladies are brown egg layers, we don't know who is laying yet; we suspect these are from the Reds or the Silkie. Speaking of Silkies, our pretty black Silkie hen "Annie" has been renamed "James"...she started crowing about a week ago! We are hoping to get some silkie chicks!

Eggs in action--one of these things is not like the others...can you spot the supermarket egg in this bunch? Hint: It is the anemic looking pale yellow one between the big robust orange home grown eggs!

Can you spot the store bought egg?

 The kids are having fun running out to the coop each morning to hunt for eggs...and the chickens enjoy the attention, as the girls bring them some kind of cereal or fruity treat leftover from breakfast. Watermelon is the biggest hit so far, with banana and my fancy imported muesli cereal a close second.