Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recycled Disney Crafts

Just finished up two different projects that combine some of my favorite things--Disney World and crafting!
Tote made from Disney World shopping bags
I have been hoarding my Disney World shopping bags and park maps--I feel guilty tossing them out! This tote bag is made from three Disney bags, and it took about an hour to fuse and sew--when last seen it was hauling about 30 naked Barbies around the house, so it is big and sturdy! Directions with pictures and fusing tutorial here.

I also did some ridiculously easy recycled paper bows from my park brochures (I will note these also disappeared, I suspect little girls were involved):

Tutorial with pictures is here. The bows took about 5 minutes each, and I got 6 for a single brochure...may have to teach the kids to do this one--these would make cute Christmas package bows...

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