Monday, November 28, 2011

I know we've been busy...

But I didn't realize how busy until I heard some knocking at the back door....
The cause of the beak marks on our glass door!!

Apparently, I was a little slow about  handing out some morning chicken treats, and our fave hen, Big Red, decided to come up to the house to see what was causing the delay. Don't feel too sorry for the chicks, they are pretty spoiled at this point -- remember how little they were?

Here is another shot of Big Red, so you can see just how "big" she is...good thing we are raising the hens for eggs only, she looks like she is the perfect size for the roasting pan! (3 year old included for size comparison).
Chickens need hugs, too...

The cause for this disruption in the chicken treat delivery? This pretty girl, celebrating her three week birthday today:
Meet Olivia Grace, girl #4 for us!

We are slowly getting back on track and getting used to living on Olivia's nocturnal newborn schedule...I had intended to take off until the new year, but found myself back at work this week; I couldn't resist :) 

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