Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FO: Thrummed Mittens

I spotted a pair of thrummed mittens somewhere recently, and loved the idea...of course, when I gathered some supplies and sat down to knit a pair up, I had no idea where I had seen the original pair. I suspect it was in a recent issue of a knitting magazine, I was browsing them in the bookstore before Christmas. Anyway, the idea is that the "thrums"--the little white fluffy bits of wool--conform to the shape of the hand as the mittens are worn. They are supposed to be super warm and I just finished these in time, it is supposed to be very cold here this week!:
Finished mittens, the fluffy one is inside out so you can see the stuffing!

Since I didn't have a pattern to go on, I just made these up as I went along. I chose a little girl friendly color combo (Plymouth Galway in a rainbow variegated) and figured they would fit someone in both size and style. It turns out they are a perfect match for our 7 year old, so it worked out well...I will just adjust the size up a bit for the 9yo and down a bit for the preschooler, and everyone will have warm hands! One skein was plenty (see the leftovers in the pic?), and I think I used about 2 ounces of roving.

Project notes (aka boring technical deets):
Yarn: Plymouth Galway and white roving (from the awesome Sheep Shed Studio)
Needles: Size 6, knit on 2 circs
CO 36 stitches, 2 1/2" of 2x2 rib, switched to stockinette and added a thrum pattern every 4th row. Reserved space for the thumb with waste yarn (7 stitches), no gusset.

My big girl is shopping the yarn closet now for "her" mittens, I will cast on for the next pair as soon as she chooses.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm really glad to have found yours! I just cannot believe you have some thrift cashmere sweaters around that you haven't frogged yet!

    I personally would also be too frightened to try thrummed mittens at well, they look great by the way!

    1. Indecision is keeping the cashmere on the "to be recycled" shelf...I can't decide whether to felt or unravel :)
      And try the mittens, they were not difficult at all, and performed beautifully in the snow this week.

  2. Those look great! I've made four pairs of thrummed socks but I've sworn them off because the thrums have a tendency to wander off on their own and take over my living room carpet.

    1. Thrummed socks! Wow, I am torn between immediate "want" and "omg, how big would my (size 10) feet look in thrummed socks?" I'd love to see a picture--are you on ravelry?