Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back to School....Already?

It's only July, but I'm already thinking back to school! Uniform fittings are coming up soon, and while we have most of what we need for next year, pants are always a problem - one of the girls needs super tall, super skinny pants, so they generally end up taking a bigger size for length and then hacking it to death to fit. I realize I sew all the time -- and could do this on my own, it is just a lot of not fun work, and they charge barely anything, so I go for convenience on this instead of the DIY route. The nice thing about uniforms is that all the back to school clothing can get done at once, and it's not exactly rocket science!

Yep, I'm school supply addicted and shop early! Photo copyright Stephen DePolo 2010

I've found that school supplies go quickly here -- so we've started stocking up on the markers, crayons, pencils, etc that each child needs. Best prices in NJ seem to be at Target -- though I did spot some 10 cent glue sticks at Walmart (I won;t tell you how many I bought, cause I sound like a glue hoarding nut, but there were some left!)

I'm not buying backpacks yet, but have been working on restocking our bento and lunchbox supplies--with one vegetarian and one super picky eater, the big girls don't buy school lunch often. I use quite a few bento supplies and techniques, so they get a healthy lunch that is kinda fun, too. I recently did some guest blogging for  the Best Bento Supplies blog -- I reviewed a few boxes we own (including the adorable Hello Kitty one pictured below) and some tips for quickly creating cute bento box lunches for kids -- check it out if you like cute food stuff!

Farmy stuff: On the farm, our battles with the groundhog continue-- he (and his family) have consumed all of the zucchini plants, but are shunning the potatoes so far. I've started dropping odd items into the groundhog holes, just to annoy them -- I figure turnabout is fair play in this case. So far the rotten little critter has rolled out a croquet ball, several golfballs and some rocks. He is apparently quite the housekeeper!

The newest chicks are really not chicks any more -- they have gotten very big very quickly! We're already bringing eggs to friend's houses when we visit, I'm not sure what we'll do when these start laying too (great planning, right?)

Crafts! Yay for hand crafting! I have some cute things to share soon, just have to get around to taking the photographs :) Thanks for your notes, and I promise pix soon!

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