Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chicken Coop Update

So, the chicken coop was just plain wood -- and needed an update! We were going to move it (well, I was going to point and Jeff was going to move it) to a new location, so it was a good time to give it a seasonal cleaning and update. I chose a nice, orangey red (tuscan red) and a butter yellow> I actually started to paint this myself, but it wasn't long before I had lots of help...
At least they're not parked in front of the TV!

Once dry, we moved it to a new spot (we have several with buried wire to deter predators, so simply move it about. Chickens are very sweet -- but very dumb creatures. The coop moved about 6 feet, and they were totally confused!

The final, redone coop (complete with painted children -- did you know you can get dried red paint out of hair with mayonnaise? Ask me how I know).Also, did you know that white silkies are paint magnets? Our white rooster now looks like roadkill -- or a chicken zombie...

The roof is getting an update too -- Jeff is planning a green, planted roof, and in true engineering style, there is a lot of design work going into it right now. I'll post more when it is in progress.

Have a great week, everyone, thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 Signs You've Hired a Bad Freelancer!

Has this ever happened to you? You wait all week for the content you ordered from a freelance writer, watching your Inbox and ready to post the fresh content to your site or blog. Finally, the content arrives. You open it and…
  • “What is this – it has nothing to do with what I asked for!”
  • “This is awful , incomprehensible writing, my third grader could do better”
  • “OMG, this totally failed Copyscape, it’s a direct copy from Wikipedia!”
I get asked all the time -- how do you hire a great freelance writer? A bad freelancer can cost you big in terms of both cash and wasted time, so choosing right at the start is essential. Here's some signs of a poor freelance writer -- spot these red flags and you'll avoid wasting time and money on your next project!

 You can see the full piece over on the WriterAccess blog today!
Stop by and say hi!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School!

Can you believe it? Summer just flew by!
With pencils, notebooks, index cards, highlighters, erasers, red pens, black pens, gluesticks, post-its, markers, crayons and more school supplies at the ready, the big girls just loaded up onto the school bus! One was fully dressed and ready at 6am...for the 8am bus!

Hope you have a great first day of school at your house, too!
Next up, new shoes and the first day of Preschool for #3!
 (looking for little sized Converse to match mine!)