Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 Signs You've Hired a Bad Freelancer!

Has this ever happened to you? You wait all week for the content you ordered from a freelance writer, watching your Inbox and ready to post the fresh content to your site or blog. Finally, the content arrives. You open it and…
  • “What is this – it has nothing to do with what I asked for!”
  • “This is awful , incomprehensible writing, my third grader could do better”
  • “OMG, this totally failed Copyscape, it’s a direct copy from Wikipedia!”
I get asked all the time -- how do you hire a great freelance writer? A bad freelancer can cost you big in terms of both cash and wasted time, so choosing right at the start is essential. Here's some signs of a poor freelance writer -- spot these red flags and you'll avoid wasting time and money on your next project!

 You can see the full piece over on the WriterAccess blog today!
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