Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chicken Coop Update

So, the chicken coop was just plain wood -- and needed an update! We were going to move it (well, I was going to point and Jeff was going to move it) to a new location, so it was a good time to give it a seasonal cleaning and update. I chose a nice, orangey red (tuscan red) and a butter yellow> I actually started to paint this myself, but it wasn't long before I had lots of help...
At least they're not parked in front of the TV!

Once dry, we moved it to a new spot (we have several with buried wire to deter predators, so simply move it about. Chickens are very sweet -- but very dumb creatures. The coop moved about 6 feet, and they were totally confused!

The final, redone coop (complete with painted children -- did you know you can get dried red paint out of hair with mayonnaise? Ask me how I know).Also, did you know that white silkies are paint magnets? Our white rooster now looks like roadkill -- or a chicken zombie...

The roof is getting an update too -- Jeff is planning a green, planted roof, and in true engineering style, there is a lot of design work going into it right now. I'll post more when it is in progress.

Have a great week, everyone, thanks for reading!

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