Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Costume Update

Busy Day!
Rapunzel's hair is done (and trimmed, at the length we started with it was a hazard to both the princess and the people around her!
2 chicken costumes are complete -- one was super easy, a premade cutie from Old Navy!
Ariel's dress is complete
And our last project, the candy grabbing chicken puppet is done too -- here he is:

He started life as a TRex grabber thingie:
Some airdry clay, paint, fabric and feathers, and he has a whole new look :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Works in Progress

Lots going on right now -- this is a busy time of year here!
 I am working on some new book things and will share when I can -- in the meantime, here are a few works in progress:

Halloween paintings:
We do homemade Halloween costumes, so I started with a sketch for each...the sketches turned out cute, so I decided to paint them out -- here they are in progress (on cardboard, I just used some from the recycling bin, so we'll call this a green project, too!)

Various stages of completion -- I'll share the finished ones (with the real camera, not the iphone!) when they are done!
all together:

Plus, this guy is about to get a makeover to be included with one of the costumes -- This chomping TRex toy will soon be a chicken (hopefully) that can grab candy. Here he is in action -- he likes mandarin oranges apparently...
They say dinosaurs are related to birds...we'll see how he looks when his new paper mache beak is dry!

What's in progress at your house this fall?