Saturday, January 5, 2013

Painted Princess Peg People

A little Christmas gift for our 4 year old:
Finished princesses, with rainbow (missing one piece for this picture, oops!)

I was inspired by this cute Box o Princesses on Lil Blue Boo -- she has a tutorial and some printables to go with it, check it out if you want to make your own princesses!

I made a few modifications -- the source peg princesses are about 2" tall; we have enough little pieces around here, and an active one year old, so I went with the bigger, 4" pegs. I found a great source for them on -- the shop ClicketyClack has them, priced very reasonably -- that's where I picked up  the cute Waldorf rainbow cutout in the back, too.

I included a few different princesses, we are big fans of Merida and Rapunzel, so they had to be part of the set. I also had fun painting a variety of hairstyles :) The ladies and rainbow are finished with the beeswax polish I made this fall.

What did you make this year for Christmas?

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